Module 4

Module 3

Module 2

 Module 1: Monitoring of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of irrigation water

Data, needs, and corresponding observation tools of the Earth (satellite and ground-based) for more effective monitoring of the qualitative and quantitative parameters of irrigation water. Application of monitoring methods:

•             For surface water, measurement methods of volume and level will be presented, as it pertains to their ecological and chemical status and their ecological potential.

•             For groundwater, monitoring methods of their chemical and quantitative status will be discussed. Simultaneously, the thematic unit aims to:

1.            Present the need for an integrated monitoring system to estimate long-term changes in natural conditions and the long-term changes resulting from widespread human activities.

2.            Develop skills for identifying the condition of systems that are at risk of failing to achieve their environmental goals.

3.            Develop skills to evaluate any changes in the condition of these systems that arise from measurement programs.